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Long term protection of materials

It goes without saying that potential harm to the aesthetic appearance of a project should be avoided. The guarantee that materials will have long term protection without the 'look and feel' being altered is a must. And, sustainability is also an obvious aspect.  Exterior Coatings meets these needs.


Cost awareness

Preserving your investment is our motto. Applying our specialist coatings ensures that future maintenance costs of a project will be kept as low as possible.



Preserving your investment

Once a project has been established, then it goes without saying that you want it to keep its original appearance as much as possible. I.e., that the used materials have to be protected against climatic and human acts. So, preservation is key. The core of our business.


Sustainable and healthy living environment

Naturally, your design is for the benefit of the user of your project. A healthy interior climate is vital for this. The so-called Sick Building Syndrome is still the main cause of high absenteeism and employee discomfort. As you know this is also a problem for many schools.

We present:

Penetrating water repellent products. The last phase in new build projects or residential renovations sees masonry surfaces treated with a water repellent product. This ensures that façades are protected against moisture penetration and green deposits. Applying a penetrating water repellent also increases the insulation coefficient.

Anti Graffiti Products. On some locations graffiti is running riot. Customisation and specific applications ensure that graffiti on highly visible façades can be easily removed without leaving any visible traces behind.

Making roof tiles, bricks and paving air purifiers. Our Photocatalytic Coatings convert organic dirt particles into harmless substances through contact with UV rays. An additional effect is that a surface treated with a photocatalytic coating is self-cleaning. This results in considerable savings on cleaning and maintenance costs.

Our Photocatalytic Coatings also help you to improve the interior climate of your project. Additionally, these coatings have tried and tested anti-bacteria qualities whereby their application in hygienic environments is useful. Test reports are available upon request.

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