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As housing corporation, the living experience of your tenants is at the heart of your business. The quality of life of the living environment as well as the quality of the residence are important elements here. In order to perform your social duty optimally, cost awareness is vital.  This is accomplished by critically reviewing the price/quality ratio of what is offered in invitations to tender.  Sustainability and cost awareness should go hand-in-hand.

Residential renovation

Many contractors that are engaged by housing corporations such as your own use our products for this. For residential renovations, they mainly apply our penetrating water repellent products. User and environmentally friendly products that comply with all



Renovators in which energy and maintenance saving elements are included are a fact. The products that are applied should be provided with a green 'LCA', after all the production of these products also has a certain environmental impact.

We take this into account when developing new products. As a striking example of a product development that results in a considerable saving in raw material consumption, we present to you our new penetrating water repellent product MicroBlok®.

Traditional penetrating water repellent products have an average solid substance content (silanes/siloxanes) of 5-10%. MicroBlok® by contrast only contains 1.30% active substance (silanes/siloxanes/additives).


Penetrating water repellent products. The last phase in new build projects or residential renovations sees masonry surfaces treated with a water repellent product. This ensures that façades are protected against moisture penetration and green deposits. Applying a penetrating water repellent also increases the insulation coefficient.

Anti Graffiti Products. On some locations graffiti is running riot. Customisation and specific applications ensure that graffiti on highly visible façades can be easily removed without leaving any visible traces behind.

Making roof tiles, bricks and paving air purifiers. Our Photocatalytic Coatings convert organic dirt particles into harmless substances through contact with UV rays. An additional effect is that a surface treated with a photocatalytic coating is self-cleaning. This results in considerable savings on cleaning and maintenance costs.

Protection of windows, frames and aluminium strips through application of our EasyClean Coatings. Surfaces treated with EasyClean get dirty less quickly and are easier to clean as dirt finds it difficult to attach.

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