Infrastructural and spatial planning


High grade protection

Infrastructural works require the very best protection against weather and human impacts. Concrete rot for example, is a quite common issue that is relatively easy to solve through the application of a high-quality penetrating water repellent. Partly thanks to the common social outcry about costs getting significantly out of hand for large infrastructural works and the often sky-high maintenance costs afterwards. It is our shared common social responsibility, as it is tax payer's money, to preserve as best as possible the investments that are to be made.


Independent test report

We develop and manufacture a selection of our product line in house. This allows us to cater to market demands directly and guarantees shorter lines. To ensure product quality, extensive and prolonged testing in our own laboratory as well as research by independent organisations form part of our standard procedures before a product goes to market.




Water repelling for concrete

Lime-scale formation is a common phenomenon especially in the prefab industry. It is an enormous challenge to tackle the lime-scale that is released after production. Currently, we are busy developing a ready-made solution that will be unique in its kind. Interested? Don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be only too pleased to offer further information about this solution!


Protection against water intrusion

Aesthetic infrastructural works are often defaced by algae and mildew growth. A large part of these type of problems can be easily prevented by making concrete sections water repellent upon delivery, which creates a water repelling layer in the concrete and causes no impact on the 'look and feel'.


Protection against graffiti

Not all graffiti is art to put it mildly. Concrete sections treated with an anti-graffiti coating can be cleaned easier without leaving traces any graffiti and/or cleaning agent residues.  Yielding considerable savings on maintenance costs. Particularly current in these times!

Anti graffiti coating easy on

In short, we present

Penetrating water repellent products. The last phase in infrastructural concrete works sees masonry surfaces treated with a water repellent product. For the prevention of moisture intrusion, green deposits and concrete rot.

Anti Graffiti Products. On some locations graffiti is running riot. Customisation and specific applications ensure that graffiti on highly visible façades can be easily removed without leaving any visible traces behind.

Making roof tiles, bricks and paving air purifiers. Our Photocatalytic Coatings convert organic dirt particles into harmless substances through contact with UV rays. An additional effect is that a surface treated with a photocatalytic coating is self-cleaning: organic contaminations are broken down under natural light and converted into harmless substances like water.

Protection of windows, frames and aluminium strips through application of our EasyClean Coatings. Surfaces treated with EasyClean get dirty less quickly and are easier to clean as dirt finds it difficult to attach.