Preserving equals managing

The core of your business is preserving and enhancing buildings. Only the right and best materials are used for this. Long term effectiveness is vital here given the economic and sustainable value. Furthermore, you pay heed to the user and the environmental friendliness of the products that you work with on a daily basis.

Application partner

Invitations to tender regularly ask for companies that can apply a specific specification-based coating. For example, a special glass coating that frequently appears in window cleaning contracts comes to mind.

That's why we are continuously on the lookout for application partners that can and want to apply our coatings.

Use this form to find out about the possibilities or call us on +31 (0)570 830970.

EasyClean, an example

Protection and Easy to Clean glass works

Glass quickly becomes dirty and hazy. Our EasyClean Coatings ensure that dirt finds it difficult to attach resulting in a significant reduction in cleaning moments. Furthermore, we have sea climate resistant coatings that are mainly applied in coastal areas. These climate resisting coatings inhibit salt intrusion and damage to glass works caused by rubbing in sand during cleaning. Applied on cruise liners.

Protection and Easy to Clean frames

We are all too aware that frames get dirty really quickly, which significantly impacts on the look and feel. Well our EasyClean Coatings are also the answer for this problem. Guaranteed long term effectiveness.


Penetrating water repellent products. The last phase in new build projects or residential renovations sees masonry surfaces treated with a water repellent product. This ensures that façades are protected against moisture penetration and green deposits. Applying a penetrating water repellent also increases the insulation coefficient.

Anti Graffiti Products. On some locations graffiti is running riot. Customisation and specific applications ensure that graffiti on highly visible façades can be easily removed without leaving any visible traces behind.

Making roof tiles, bricks and paving air purifiers. Our Photocatalytic Coatings convert organic dirt particles into harmless substances through contact with UV rays. An additional effect is that a surface treated with a photocatalytic coating is self-cleaning. This results in considerable savings on cleaning and maintenance costs.

Protection of windows, frames and aluminium strips through application of our EasyClean Coatings. Surfaces treated with EasyClean get dirty less quickly and are easier to clean as dirt finds it difficult to attach.

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