Cleaning and protection

Before a protective coating can be applied to a surface, it should always be intensively cleaned first. We offer a complete package of (cleaning) products for treating a façade:

  • (green) deposits remover
  • Cement veil and salt formation remover
  • Impregnating (penetrating water repellent products)

In addition to these, we also supply a range of cleaners. A distinctive quality of these cleaning products is their environmental and user friendliness. This is how we treat both people and the environment!

Our cleaning products for

  • Removing graffiti
  • Paint stripping
  • Deposits removers
  • Cement veil
  • Façade cleaning


Removal of graffiti

Specific cleaners for quickly and effectively removing graffiti are necessary in every anti-graffiti system.  The fantastic remover line of the Australian SoSafe with products for a host of surfaces.

We supply the following products:

Façade cleaning



Removal of deposits

We offer the following solutions for the removal of deposits from various types of surfaces:


Paint stripping