Protect and enhance

Exterior Coatings has a range of floor coatings that protect against water (damp) pressure, amongst others, and enhance the surface. On behalf of ASTC Polymers (US), we offer an attractively priced line of high-grade floor coatings. From generally applicable up to highly specialist applicable products, a customised solution for every situation.

For now, we list a small selection from the range of products of ASTC Polymers. Naturally, we can also deliver coatings from the manufacturers website other than the ones mentioned here.


We recently offer the following new generation of impregnation products for concrete floors. Floors treated with our products are harder, more wear resistant, dust free and where possible, water, oil and grease repellent.



  • EC Beton no.1, 100% silanes/siloxanes, penetrating water repellent for road surface, amongst others.
  • EC Vloer&Wandstrong oil repelling and grease resistant penetrating water repellent
  • EC Beton20 Densifier, floor densifier, to be applied before applying a topcoat.