Penetrating Water Repellents

Protection of mineral surfaces

Water repelling or as it is commonly known “impregnation” of concrete and masonry structures such as for example, cityscape dominating façades, ensures that these are water repellent and remain permeable to water vapour at the same time so that vapour can still escape. To put it in layman’s terms, water repelling is basically insuring your property investment against future defacing and weakening caused by weather conditions.

ExteriorCoatings has its own production facility where we develop and produce our penetrating water repellents, and all our products independently tested. This enables us to ensure quality assurance as well as an extremely competitive price/performance ratio for all our products.

We recommend treating both new builds as well as restored buildings with our penetrating water repellents for the sake of preserving your property investment in our damp climate. Consider it as an insurance for the life cycle of your investment as well as a measure to keep future maintenance costs in check.

The benefits of water repelling

  • Extends the life cycle of your façade, building and/or structure
  • Inhibits damp issues such as the formation of salt and lime scale, moisture intrusion, algae and mildew
  • Improves resistance to frost and dew cycles
  • Insulating effect (a damp wall is more thermally conductive that a dry wall)
  • No visible discolouration to the treated surface
  • Contamination is counteracted

Penetrating water repellents for façades (mineral surfaces)


Penetrating water repellents for concrete

Penetrating water repellents for floors and walls