Rising Damp Products

Water proofing

Water proofing products protect concrete and masonry surfaces against water (damp) pressure that causes damage and negatively impacts surface coatings. These water proofers are easy to apply and are durable. Exterior Coatings is currently working on the development of the latest generation of waterproofing products. If your product is not in our range, don't hesitate to contact us because tailored products are definitely part of our offering! Furthermore, we offer solutions to tackle rising damp issues.


Tackling Rising Damp

We very recently added three in house developed products to tackle rising damp to our selection of technologically innovative range of products. And tailored products are also an option for this product line.

The innovative formula is the overall distinctive feature of these products. Our liquid injection products are not produced from the old school water glass but from a unique blend of silanes, siloxanes and additives.

Waterproofing producten


Rising damp products

Application areas Water proofers

  • Basements
  • Ponds
  • Roof systems
  • Shelter facilities with anti-slip
  • Corrosion barrier
  • Concrete tanks & steel tanks
  • Secondary containment walls and floors
  • All surfaces for industrial services
  • Marine environment

Application areas for Rising damp products

  • Basements.
  • Masonry walls.