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EasyClean Glass


Sustainable nano coating, water-, oil-, grease- and dirt repellent. Suited for hard surfaces.


Protect hard surfaces like glass

This durable nano coating was developed in house to keep contact with dirt particles on smooth surfaces like glass to a minimum. The water repellent and oil repellent features of EasyClean Glass ensure that contamination particles like grease, oil, chalk and particulates attach less to the surface, which in turn allows them to be easily removed from the coating, i.e. without the need to apply aggressive cleaning agents (‘easy to clean effect’).

Productfeatures EasyClean Glass

  • Strong water and oil repellent
  • Strong anti-adhesive and anti-sticking
  • Very easy to clean in the event of contamination and chalk formation
  • Food safe (inert)

Other features EasyClean Glass

  • Invisible (coating thickness: 100-150 nm); 1 Nano metre is 1 millionth millimetre
  • Sustainable: UV resistant and wear resistant
  • Temperature fluctuations resistant
  • Breathable
  • Easy to apply
  • Chemical resistant (up to a pH of 13)


  • Easy to apply, thus also suitable for DIY users
  • Manually: apply in circle movements with clean paper, linen or microfibre
  • Industrial: available as polish coat system or spray coat system.
  • The coating is completely set after 24 hours. The so-called easy to clean effect can only be tested after this.


Benefits compared to similar products:

  • Sustainability
  • Wear resistant and easy to clean effect
  • Chemical stability
  • Stunning price/performance ratio

Examples of EasyClean application areas

  • Various hard (painted) surfaces of, for instance, steel, stainless steel, plastic and paint
  • Glass surfaces in sanitary environments (shower unit, mirrors)
  • Glazed ceramic surfaces (toilets, washbasins, tiles)
  • Window glazing and construction glass (apartment complexes, …)
  • Car glass
  • Solar panels

Coverage rates

Manual: 5-10 mL/m².
Industrial: 10-15 mL/m².


Unopened original containers can be stored for a minimum of 1 year
Recommended storage and transport temperature: -3 up to 30°C.

Extra informatie

200 mL, 25L, 200L

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