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EC Floor Excellent


Waterborne ready-to-use hydreophobic penetrating water repellent for floors which must be protected against oil and fat contamination

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EC Floor Excellent protects your floor

EC Floor Excellent is a ready-to-use hydreophobic penetrating water repellent based on polysilicates and high-grade mineral floor additives, which must be protected against oil and fat contamination. After treatment, the product is invisible, oil, grease and dirt repellent and extremely durable.

This high-quality hydrophobic is the result of intensive research and development: a special product with a unique formulation. It reacts to the nano and micron level with the substrate and is excellent in mineral substrates and hardens it, making them more wear-resistant. It penetrates into porous substrates and forms a strong oleophobic and hydrophobic protection, which is weatherproof.

Features EC Floor Excellent

  • Unique formula
  • Ready for use
  • Waterborne and solvent free
  • Safte to process and virtually odorless
  • Can be processed at low temperatures of 5 ° C
  • Invisible after treatment
  • Excellent penetration in surface
  • Prevents penetration of grease, oil and water
  • Surface stays vapour pemeable
  • Breathable, does not trap moisture
  • Increases life of floors


  • Clean surface prior to treatment
  • Apply by floodcoat
  • See further Technical Data Sheet


  • For interior floors
  • Impregnating mineral surfaces that have a tendency to become contaminated by grease and oil
  • Oil repellency for natural stone such as sandstone, amongst others, with listed and old buildings
  • After-treatment product for horizontal and vertical application areas


Depending on surface porosity, between 0,50 en 1,0 L/m².


Storage life is a minimum of 6 months. Avoid freezing temperatures. Non-hazardous product.

Benefits compared to similar products

  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly
  • Protection against overspray unnecessary
  • Extremely quick Lotus Effect
  • Unique formula
  • Fantastic price/performance ratio

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