In our mission statement, we already stressed the importance of sustainability. This is best seen in the valuable formula - the so-called Cradle to Cradle principal, unfortunately this is not a feasible principle for most coating applications.

Together with our clients, we strive to achieve optimal sustainability of investment projects through application of our protective coatings. Profit and planet go hand in hand here. Our coatings improve investment yields while at the same time realising significant savings in the application of maintenance materials. Buildings are sustained, they get a longer lifespan!

That is why our coatings are by definition environmentally friendly, VOC-free as much as possible and produced in a responsible manner. Furthermore, our coatings are user friendly (people). Saving on raw materials is a permanent theme in our business operations both during the development of new products as well as with the production of them.

In short: People, Planet, Prosperity

  • Cradle to cradle principe is the guiding theory
  • Savings through innovation
  • Taking account of people and planet

How do we accomplish this?

  • Water based products
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) level products
  • No dangerous substances in accordance with EU directives
  • Selection of manufacturers based on the 3 x P criterion: People, Planet, Prosperity
  • Long term effect products to help do away with the disposable culture
  • Raw material savings through product innovation: a continuous process
  • Reuse of packaging materials