Photocatalytic Coatings

Modern air purification 

Photocatalytic Coatings are coatings that react with light to degrade particulates, amongst others. Furthermore, these coatings have a so-called self-cleaning effect.

The coatings are based on Titanium dioxide (TiO2). Detailed studies demonstrate that a façade surface of + 1,000m² treated with a photocatalytic coating has the same air purification effect as 70 large deciduous trees. This means that the coating has both an economic as well as an environmental value.

The specific technology that is applied is perfectly safe, certified and completely environmentally friendly. Moreover, our Coatings are food safe and non-hazardous.

Collaboration with the University of Twente (The Netherlands)

Last year, Exterior Coatings together with the Photocatalytic Synthesis (PCS) Group of the University of Twente - under the leadership of Prof. Guido Mul - launched a study into the possible air purification effects of ceiling panels treated with photocatalytic coatings. The so-called Sick Building Syndrome is a tenacious phenomenon in today's (office) working environment. The study will examine whether our coatings can deliver a significant contribution to tackling this issue.

Currently, this study is being finalised and the initial preliminary results are presented. 

Applicable on the following surfaces

  • Interior areas, EC Foto X. Anti bacterial features.
  • Exterior areas, EC Foto Y. Self cleaning features.